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From Habits to Bucket List

One whole month into the New Year and I am dominating my fitness resolution. I have been consistently working out at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Earlier this year I signed up for a 6-week bootcamp challenge, and without the structure of the 30-minute classes, I don’t know that I would’ve kept up with the plan (also, the challenge winner gets an iPad and after mine suffered a watery death I am doubly motivated. Keeping it 100). Unfortunately, I am in week five of six and will have to come up with an alternative way to stay motivated and accountable. 

The key will be to not.lose.momentum. One to two rest days a week are fine, but anymore and I will see no reason to ever exert any more effort than absolutely necessary (says the person who will go to the brink of death before getting up for a glass of water. My laziness knows no bounds). 

The “Don’t Break Chain” Method does work wonders. For fitness related goals and the things your mom always nags you about (or in my case, my hygenist). I have flossed and washed my face before bed every single night since 11/23/14. That’s right. Every single night. Sometimes it’s a cursory swipe of a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, but the point is not break the chain. It counts. 

I’ve also removed the “Habits” tracker on my blog’s navigation bar, where I basically regurgitated data from my (formerly known as Lift) account, because who cares? Only me. I’ve swiped it out with a bucket list. A more fun tracker. Plus I’m on a roll with getting things done so I’m aiming high. 


  • Visit Seattle
  • Visit Portland 
  • Visit LA (maybe get a tattoo)
  • Visit China
  • Visit Iceland
  • Drive cross country 
  • Roadtrip in a foreign country
  • Live in a(nother) foreign country for at least a year 
  • Learn to fly 
  • Learn to sail
  • Ride in a hot air balloon 
  • Ride in a helicopter (maybe learn to fly a helicopter?)
  • Catch, gut, cook, and eat a fish
  • Learn to surf
  • Live in a monestary
  • Fast for 30 days
  • Make and wear an article of clothing
  • Run a 5K
  • Run a 5K under 30 minutes
  • Do (unassisted) scorpion pose 
  • Complete the Ultimate Yogi Challenge
  • Relearn how to hula dance
  • Cook every recipe from a cookbook
  • Bake a perfect apple pie from scratch
  • Live in a house with floor to ceiling windows  
  • Grow a vegetable garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Give a stranger $100
  • Go snorkeling
  • Go scuba diving 
  • Go snowboarding 
  • Help someone crossoff an item on their bucket list 
  • Be fluent in Portuguese 
  • Take my mom on vacation to Europe 
  • Build a piece of furniture from scratch 
  • Learn to drive stick shift
Posted on February 3, 2015 and filed under Health + Wellness.

2015 Fitness Resolution

Is it too early to start on New Year's resolutions? Is it cheating to get started in December? Are Resolutions even worth the trouble?

Apparently only about 1 in 5 people keep their New Year's resolutions all year. And a measly 1 in 10 stick to them longterm.  

I think I actually like those odds. Better than zero. 

Though I have a somewhat long list of "habits" I'd like to change, adapt, improve, what have you, there is one that I'd like to call special attention to. Mostly in hopes that consistently checking-in in a somewhat public space will hold me accountable and motivated. 

So with that, in 2015 I resolve to workout five days a week for at least 30 minutes

As far as SMART goals go, it's not perfect, but it's better than my original "workout," and the improved version "workout consistently." I also find it a vast improvement over the weight loss related goals. I've found when it comes to health/wellness goals, I'm least successful when they are weight bound. 

My motivations are many - be healthier and be stronger. I'm also really lazy when it comes to rigorous physical activity and I'd like to not be. And I wouldn't be honest if I also didn't admit that my trip to the Mexican beaches in February wasn't small encouragement...

Check out my progress and regular updates here


Posted on December 26, 2014 and filed under Health + Wellness.