Family Traditions

Some of the best family holiday traditions undoubtedly revolve around food. I would say that that's somewhat true in my family. 

Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of our typical holiday fare. Since I can remember my mom would always make two dishes:

- Bacalao, a cod fish tomato stew that never fails to make the house reek of dead fish while it cooks. How that doesn't turn everyone off it, I do not know.  

- Ensalada de manzana, an apple salad made with Mexican crema which I am not a fan of. 

Full disclosure: I have never actually tried any of these dishes. But the five-year old picky eater in me resists. It's so engrained, it's Pavlovian. 

Every year, twice a year for Christmas and New Year's my mom will make those two dishes and every year, twice a year everyone loves it but me. Then a few years ago my mom came up with her "espaguetti blanco," and a new tradition was born. It's nothing fancy by any stretch. But I love it. And because my mom makes it, it's always extra delicious. 

Because I didn't spend the holidays with my family this year, I decided to recreate a little part of home. The cheesiest part. Smart, I know.  So I asked my mom for the recipe and like anything worthy of being passed down from mother to daughter, it is devoid of any actual measurements. 

The recipe's essentials include lots of cheese, ham, spaghetti, some butter, a little milk, salt and pepper to taste. Assemble, bake, and enjoy. 

It came out great. As great as mom? Almost. But that's always the case. I have time to practice still, zero in on ratios and measurements. Maybe that will be my legacy to pass down. Cups and tablespoons. I kinda like it. 

Happy New Year! 

"white spaghetti"
Un paquete de espaguetti chico para 4 personas.
jamon ya sea de pavo o de puerco
Amarillo en rebanadas, blanco en rebanadas, mozarella como lo encuentres y parmesano rayado
sal y pimienta al gusto
“Espaguetti Blanco”

Paquete chico de Espaguetti al dente. En un reflactario de vidrio o de aluminio, se unta mantequilla en todo el recipiente, se pone una capa de spaguetti, una capa de jamon ya sea de pavo o de puerco eso es al gusto, una capa de queso amarillo, queso blanco, mozarella, parmesano, pimienta y sal al gusto, otra capa de mantequilla, otra capa de quesos ya mencionados, y jamon nuevamente, un poco de leche para que se cueza todo, se tapa con aluminio y Se mete al horno a 350 grados, una media hora, hasta que el queso este derretido. Se sirve y se adorna con perejil si quieres, yo nunca lo adorne porque era para nosotros, eso es al gusto y a COMER SE HA DICHO YUMI, YUMI MMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Si tienes alguna duda me llamas.

Saludos a todos, besos y apapachos. TQM

tu mama

Posted on December 31, 2014 and filed under In My Kitchen.